About us

Our mission
We solve and resolve complex fiscal, financial and/or administrative law problems efficiently and effectively, both nationally and internationally. We can help you to take strategic decisions. Litigate or settle? Fight or negotiate? Mediation? Your interests are paramount. We really listen to you and will always propose a creative solution.

In a conflict situation, we are in our element. We bring order and structure to proceedings and will take control of matters on your behalf. If required, we will coordinate the work decisively and transparently with other service providers involved in your case, so that everybody works efficiently towards the same goal.

We are proficient in all aspects of fiscal and financial law, including procedural and substantive tax law, fiscal criminal law, recovery law and customs law. We don’t offer tax advice but we do provide legal assistance to a high standard in the event of disputes with the tax authorities or financial regulator. We prefer to resolve your fiscal or financial problems extrajudicially but if necessary we will litigate up to and including the highest court for your rights.

Our clients
Booij Bikkers works for both companies and high net-worth individuals. We often work with other (non-fiscal) lawyers, tax consultants, accountancy practices, trust offices, family offices and asset managers. We help their clients and also assist them in matters relating to supervision, liability or disciplinary law.

Our cases
We are brought in if there is an actual or potential dispute with the tax authorities or with a financial regulator such as the DNB (the Dutch central bank), the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets), the ACM (the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets) or the BFT (the Dutch Financial Supervision Office). We will advise you on ways to prevent such disputes but if a dispute cannot be avoided then we will also negotiate and/or litigate on your behalf. Tax-related appeals in cassation to the Netherlands Supreme Court are just one of our specialities.

 What don’t we do?
We don’t provide standard tax advice and we don’t handle tax returns. Booij Bikkers does not handle any criminal proceedings itself; instead, in the event of fiscal criminal proceedings or fraud cases, we work with trusted lawyers who specialise in criminal law.

We often work with specialist tax consultants on tax proceedings (especially VAT cases), and regularly consult with specialist lawyers for liability or recovery cases. However, it will always be Booij Bikkers who is in control and who decides on the strategy to be pursued.


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