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Services for trust offices/business service providers

The specialised fiscal law firm Booij Bikkers provides trust offices/business service providers and their clients with assistance in respect of actual or impending problems with the Dutch tax authorities or the FIOD, as well as for impending problems with the DNB as the supervisory authority. In addition, if there are impending fiscal problems abroad then Booij Bikkers can be of service to you, thanks to its international network. In addition, the Booij Bikkers Academy organises courses and training programmes that have HQ (Holland Quaestor, branche organisation) accreditation.

In which situations can you bring in Booij Bikkers?

  • Additional tax assessments/demands
  • Fines/penalties by tax authorities or by the DNB
  • Tax audits, investigations by the FIOD
  • International information exchange
  • Requests for legal assistance, tax fraud
  • Investigation into moneylaundering or corruption
  • Application of tax treaties
  • Directors’ and officers’ tax liability
  • Evaluation of managers by the DNB
  • Residence for tax purposes
  • Companies’ substance
  • Doubts about tax advice or other advice received
  • Aggressive tax planning
  • MOT (disclosure of unusual transactions)
  • Second opinions
  • Legal & Tax Risk Management

Courses and training programmes for trust offices/business service providers
The Booij Bikkers Academy puts on a range of courses and training programmes that have been accredited by Holland Quaestor (HQ). Many of the courses and training programmes are provided in-house. Most of the courses are hosted by Arnaud Booij but some of the training programmes are run by external lecturers.

Range of courses and training programmes:

  • Entry-level course – trust officer: tax/legal/compliance: 1 day, or 3 x 4 hours.
  • Basic course – trust officer, 4 x 4 hours, multiple choice exam: intended for trust officers with about 2 years’ experience
  • Master’s degree – trust officer, accredited by HQ: 8 x 4 1/2 hours, exam with open-ended questions
  • Coaching for peer reviews: discussing real-life problems systematically with a (permanent) group of 6-8 people
  • Latest developments in legal/tax/compliance (2, 3 or 4 hours)
  • Upon request: a range of courses on specialist subjects, such as directors’ and officers’ liability, risk management, and a range of fiscal subjects
  • For more information, please contact: academy@booijbikkers.nl